Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Bigot Is BACK...Obama's Preacher Says Obama Is a Politician, He Is A Pastor

I LOVE THIS MAN (and his views)
The BIGOT BOY WONDER is back, will speaking at the National Press Club...he is already making huge HEADLINES as he claims he is just a preacher, and that Obama is just a politician. HMMMMM....hasn't Obama been trying to convince us HE IS NOT A POLITICIAN? He went on to say he was Obama's preacher...not quite TRUE...he was on one of Obama's political action committees! In short, the ELITIST's best friend, the man he refused to REBUKE is back in the news and making headlines! I hope that the Super Delegates are watching this VERY CAREFULLY. By the way, for a bigoted preacher, Jeremiah Wright sure has no problems living the life of a rich man...seen the house in an all white community he is having built for himself?

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