Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama, Your Wife is a Bitch...DEAL WITH IT

Who Will Be FIRST BITCH Come November?
Been AFK here for awhile, but could not help but jump in with a quick story...according to CNN, it seems that Senator (Zebra) Obama is all hot under the collar over folks in the Republican Party are attacking his LOVELY WIFE...Get a clue, your wife has shown herself to be and egotistical bitch, and it is not just Republicans attacking her. Further, she threw herself into the campaign, along with your little girls, so they are ALL FAIR GAME. You want to trot out your supposed perfect family, use them to win votes, they are FAIR GAME, a target for anyone who cares to run attack blogs, ads or You Tube want your wife left out of it, then have her stay home!

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